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Hello, hello! I'm finally writing this post with all my fics; will be updated accordingly!

If you want to learn more about me, read my User info. ;)


You Are My Sun (on-going) - teen!muse, my first fic <3 Matt and Dom are classmates and even though at first they are not in good terms with each other, things evolve. Basically, it's a story about how was Muse formed.

Chapter 1. // Chapter 2. // Chapter 3. // Chapter4. // Chapter 5. // Chapter 6. // Interlude // Chapter 7. // Chapter 8. // Chapter 9. // Chapter 10. // Chapter 11. //

Silently I Dream Of You (COMPLETE) - Belldom, teen!Muse.
Matt's parents are constantly adopting foster kids. Matthew doesn't normally get along with them, often feeling left out that his parents don't spend as much time with their biological son as they should. However, one day, Matthew's parents bring home Dom, a 15/16 year old (same age as Matt) who Matt begins to become attracted to, even though the world and 'their' parents regard them as brothers.

Chapter 1. // Chapter 2. // Chapter 3. // Chapter 4. // Chapter 5. // Chapter 6. // Chapter 7. // Chapter 8. // Chapter 9. // Chapter 10. // Chapter 11. // Chapter 12. // Epilogue

Someone Special (COMPLETE) - Is there such a thing as destiny? Do you believe in dreams? Dom and Matt dream about each other, yet they don't know anything about the person they spend their nighttime with. Is a meeting in real life possible?

PART 1. | PART 2. | PART 3. | PART 4. | PART 5. | PART 6. | PART 7. | PART 8. | PART 9. | PART 10. | PART 11.


Read more... )


There are many, find them behind the cut. :) )


Crossdressing: Double Game

Masturbation/ Caught in the act: Illicit Fantasies

Location: Hospital: Tempus Fugit

Genderswap: A Brave Girl

Food Porn: Chiaroscuro part 1. (incomplete)

In Vino Veritas: Tequila Mockingbird (Good Omens; Aziraphale/Crowley)


10 music drabbles (various artists)

Music drabbles based on the songs from Mumford & Sons' 'Sigh No More' album

PART 1 and PART 2

Passing Lights - The boys are touring. Matt is in one of those weird poetical moods.

Harmony - Dominic meets little Bing for the first time


into Hungarian

Líra by [ profile] millionstar - Stargazing.

Az esernyƑm alatt ( Under My Umbrella) by easilyerased - Do people honestly have rainbow umbrellas?
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Hello, my dear friends! :D

I would like to advertise the community Myth and I have created: [info]muse_my_dreams  . This is the right place to share the crazy stuff you dream about the guys!!!

We would really appreciate if you joined and even recommended it to friends!!! ^_^


Thanks so much, hope you’ll have fun! <3 *hugs*


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