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Hello, hello! I'm finally writing this post with all my fics; will be updated accordingly!

If you want to learn more about me, read my User info. ;)


You Are My Sun (on-going) - teen!muse, my first fic <3 Matt and Dom are classmates and even though at first they are not in good terms with each other, things evolve. Basically, it's a story about how was Muse formed.

Chapter 1. // Chapter 2. // Chapter 3. // Chapter4. // Chapter 5. // Chapter 6. // Interlude // Chapter 7. // Chapter 8. // Chapter 9. // Chapter 10. // Chapter 11. //

Silently I Dream Of You (COMPLETE) - Belldom, teen!Muse.
Matt's parents are constantly adopting foster kids. Matthew doesn't normally get along with them, often feeling left out that his parents don't spend as much time with their biological son as they should. However, one day, Matthew's parents bring home Dom, a 15/16 year old (same age as Matt) who Matt begins to become attracted to, even though the world and 'their' parents regard them as brothers.

Chapter 1. // Chapter 2. // Chapter 3. // Chapter 4. // Chapter 5. // Chapter 6. // Chapter 7. // Chapter 8. // Chapter 9. // Chapter 10. // Chapter 11. // Chapter 12. // Epilogue

Someone Special (COMPLETE) - Is there such a thing as destiny? Do you believe in dreams? Dom and Matt dream about each other, yet they don't know anything about the person they spend their nighttime with. Is a meeting in real life possible?

PART 1. | PART 2. | PART 3. | PART 4. | PART 5. | PART 6. | PART 7. | PART 8. | PART 9. | PART 10. | PART 11.


But where's your heart? (FINISHED) - Based on the following prompt o [info]mkmeme : "teen!Matt meets teen!Dom at a *insert emo band here* show. They are both wearing girl jeans and eyeliner." Our boys meet at a My Chemical Romance gig.

PART 1. // PART 2. // PART 3. // PART 4.

Obsession (COMPLETE) - AU story based on Dom and Matt's journals. Dom is a first year uni student who moves to a new apartment. Matthew, his neighbour, is a weird painter, who decides to play the voyeur...

Part 1. //  Part 2. // Part 3. // Part 4. // Part 5. // Part 6.

The Divine Love (complete) - end of the 13th century – beginning of the 14th ,Florence. This story is based on the Italian poet’s, Dante’s, life. Dominic is the poet who is marked by three distinct meetings with “the gentlest of angels”, Matthew. These will influence his entire life and works.
Prologue | Paradiso | Purgatorio | Inferno

Captive: (complete) Dominic is a student who decides to work in his summer holiday in a clothing store, after he mistakes a pretty mannequin for a real man. But what if the blue-eyed doll is not an ordinary one?
PART 1. | PART 2. | PART 3. | PART 4. | PART 5. | PART 6.

I Wish You Would See Me the Way I See You (complete):
The story shows two types of attraction. Dominic, 30 years old, the employee of George Bellamy, had always been a good family friend. Matthew Bellamy admired him from the beginning. Feelings change; some with years, some very suddenly, in moments.

PART 1. | PART 2.

Chiaroscuro (on-going): Based on this mkmeme prompt: Dominic is a successful photographer and for his new project he's looking for a model who would pose for him with food arranged on her naked body. None of the women live up to his expectations, but when a beautiful, mysterious young man appears on his doorstep, Dominic knows instantly that Matthew is exactly what he's been looking for.

PART 1. |

Smoke and Mirrors (on-going): my [ profile] mshorrorfest story. Matt is murdered and meets ghost!Dom in the afterlife. Matt wants to haunt his killer and Dom tries to teach him how to haunt properly but they both end up just being utterly terrible at it and embarrassing themselves and generally staining the reputation of all haunting ghosts. Chris is a badass take-no-prisoners ghost hunter who is employed to rid Matt's murderer of the two idiots chasing him around levitating cups and going, "OOoooOOOOOooooooooOOOO!"

PART 1. |

Explosion In The Sky: (on-going) Story set in a fantastic world. Little Matt and Dom witness a curious celestial incident, caused by the arrival of a stranger. This stranger is the angel, Castiel, who becomes their good friend.

PART 1. | PART 2.

Waiting for the perfect rain (on-going) - Based on the following [info]mkmeme rompt: Belldom - first kiss in the rain, followed by a heavy make out session in the rain, can be AU if you like.
I opted for AU: Dom is a rich photographer who buys a cottage in the mountains. He has recourse to tricks in order to get to know Matthew. The story mentions Celtic mythology which will appear more in the next part(s).

Part 1.


Repressed memories - Heat wave+ half-naked boys+ memories = sexy stuff

My favourite dessert - prompt on [info]mkmeme "This is just something I've always thought: Matt's fingers would taste metallic. I know it's a weird thing to say." I thought it' was unusual and I had an idea about this. Dom's POV.

Terminal point - Matt's POV. On a cold December day he hurries to the railway station. He didn't expect to meet such a special person there...

Torn journal pages - One-off with cadre. A little girl finds some pages from Dom’s journal in which he described his life after the break-up with Matt. Based on the following [info]mkmeme rompt: Anyone heard the song, Funny How It Fades Away by Fastball?

What's the deal now, baby? - Matt is a fruit vendor. One day he has to deal with a particularly choosey customer who gets out a rise of him, but the blonde still attracts him enormously.

Tastin better than winter - Based on the following prompt on [info]mkmeme First snowfall of the year, teen!belldom, everyone's getting excited but the boys just love running around in it, watching it fall, make Matt sing or do something stupid like that, catching snowflakes on their tongues and leading to kissing as the snow falls around them. As it's first snow, the ground would just be wet so no rolling around in the snow :') Bonus points if they're not together at the start of the fic, but the ~magic of Christmas~ brings them together, lol.

Santa is coming - AU DOMKIRK Xmas story. Tom, dressed as Santa, enters Chris' bar and a blonde Karaoke participant stares at him very temptingly. :P

An Afternoon Fantasy - A little, poetic piece about Tom fantasizing about his good friend…

A raindrop, a heartbeat - "How about Dom comforting Matt? Teen!Muse, because I love it. Nothing too serious--Matt's upset. Touching, hugging, holding , kissing. Sweet boys being sweet. <3"

The wonders of the internet - based on this prompt from [info]mkmeme Omegle!Belldom, not an established relationship. Matt and Dom are feeling lonely while on tour, so the two separately find themselves on, which is pretty infamous for people being perverted and such, etc. Basically, the two anonymously get one another off, but it's not until the end that Matt and Dom discover that they indeed, are...well, Matt and Dom XD

PART 1 and PART 2

Home-baked Muffins - based on the prompt given by Stacie ([info]sheerpoetry who won the auction: "Matt's over at Dom's house and Dom tries to bake something? Mess and cuteness ensues."

A Love to kill for - Matt decides that he must end the charade he's been putting on for years. He wants to live with Dom. Warning: implied murder.

Unfinished Business - AU story. Dom is frustrated and has to put down his feelings in a letter: he finally admits that he was in love with Matt.

Guiding Moonlight - AU story, almost like a fairy tale. King Dominic is worried about Captain Bellamy, the commander of his fleet and his best friend.

Saved by a Kiss - AU story. The crowd watches impassively as a young man is determined to commit suicide. Dominic, a random passer-by, decides to save the boy who has a sad story...

Why So Serious? - AU story. Dom travels on the same bus with a mischievous clown who botthers him throughout the journey. :P

Broken, But Mendable - Teen!muse AU, based on Mumford and Sons' Little Lion Man. Poor Matt is bullied by Dominic and his group. However, one day Matthew stands up and finally learns the true motives behind Dom's actions.

Your Hand, My Pleasure - prompt from [info]mkmeme: "When I was at a sleepover once, I waited until my friend went to sleep, then I crawled into his bed and used his hand to wank me off." It just... teen!belldom, anyone?

Amor Omnia - This AU story is from the point of view of a random, female character who accidentally learns about the great love between Matt and Dom and helps in its fulfilment. Kind of a songfic, a bit Christmas-y as well. :)

Soaring - AU. Matt's POV. "To draw is to create. To draw is to prove somethings existence, to bring it to this dimension." Written for the June '12 fanfic challenge.

Surprise - AU. One evening, Matt is kidnaped by a mysterious stranger for no apparent reason. But Matt is determined to escape. Written for the July '12 fanfic challenge.

I Will Find You - Fantasy AU, taking place in Orwell's dystopian 1984 (but in our times with moderner technology). Is the Resistance able to change the mind of an experienced SWAT agent? September '12 fanfic challenge.

Save a Valentine - Based on this mkmeme prompt: AU Belldom. Matt and Dom are on blind dates on V-Day - but with other people. Both their dates suck/something happens, and somehow they end up together. How that happens is up to you. There can be smut, but it's not a necessity. Just something funny and nice :)

A Spot of Colour - My entry for the April challenge at stellarclouds . AU, teen!muse. Matt is member of his school's photo club; the theme for April is "Find-a-rainbow Day". He has zero inspiration until his best friend Dominic indirectly helps him.

The Silver Mirror - My entry for the June challenge at stellarclouds. Fairytale time! Dominic is a special child - a fairy was there at his birth and gifted him a silver mirror. When he is old enough, his mother shows the mirror to him. He instanly falls in love with the prince he sees in it.

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives - This is my entry for the September challenge at stellarclouds. An angel and a demon are enemies, of course. But after 6000 years they are sort of friends. What happens after they survive the Apocalypse together? Inspired by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, more specifically by the story of two characters, Aziraphale and Crowley.

A Gift Never Comes Alone - This is my contribution to this year's snowpremacy . From the lovely dolce_piccante: Matt and Dom work in an office that has a Secret Santa gift exchange and they get each other. The only problem is that they both dislike each other for various (silly) reasons. While trying to secretly figure out what gift to buy, they learn more about each other and maybe don't dislike one another quite so much ;)

A Brave Girl - (femslash) I kissed her in the middle of the gig.

Double Game - That awkward moment when you like two people at once/ cross-dressing, carols, exploration

Illicit Fantasies - Fantasies can become reality.

Tempus Fugit - Dominic wakes up in a hospital, but he's not alone.


Crossdressing: Double Game

Masturbation/ Caught in the act: Illicit Fantasies

Location: Hospital: Tempus Fugit

Genderswap: A Brave Girl

Food Porn: Chiaroscuro part 1. (incomplete)

In Vino Veritas: Tequila Mockingbird (Good Omens; Aziraphale/Crowley)


10 music drabbles (various artists)

Music drabbles based on the songs from Mumford & Sons' 'Sigh No More' album

PART 1 and PART 2

Passing Lights - The boys are touring. Matt is in one of those weird poetical moods.

Harmony - Dominic meets little Bing for the first time


into Hungarian

Líra by [ profile] millionstar - Stargazing.

Az esernyƑm alatt ( Under My Umbrella) by easilyerased - Do people honestly have rainbow umbrellas?
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